Founder's Toolbox

Welcome Founder! So you want to start your own pub? Here are the Pondering’s tools to help you!

We have tried to make it as self explanatory as possible. Make sure to be in contact with your Guild President. The Guilds are the overarching leadership who help multiple Ponderings. The current president is: Daniel Booth (717) 494-6500. He has handled a lot of cases, and will be able to assist you start yours. REMEMBER: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you’re just getting started, begin with Roadmap.

Provides a visual to help conceptualize the next step of your Pondering. Checklists are provided to help you gauge what might be helpful at your step.

“What do I say when…?”
Scripts help you with what to say or text so your mental energies can be put elsewhere.

The first few Ponderings are hard. You’re going to have a lot on your hand. We’ve pre-packaged 7 of the best art pieces so you have 7 weeks of content ready to go.

Feeling discouraged? Need some examples to make your stories more powerful? Here are a list of real stories of how the Pondering changed people’s lives, or how certain Founders overcame tricky situations.

How do I get people to take the next step? Sometimes they need a little nudge, sometimes they didn’t know what to do. The Merit System is designed to facilitate healthy engagement and longevity of your Pub.

Operating Procedures.
Membership Forms.
Merits Completion Sheets.
Flyer Templates.