Operating Procedures

To the right is the single most important document to understanding the Pondering Pub. Any question you could possibly have is answered here. Only necessary information is included. To understand what’s expected of your leadership role, flip to that section. To learn how to submit something to social media, jump there.

Leadership Doc

Breakdown of the Leadership positions – with explanations of each role.

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Merits Completion Sheets

Downloads of the flyers. As well as each completion form that a Pub Rep would submit to the Guild.

Incorporation. Once you’ve gotten the ok from Guild Leadership, design a Crest Upgrade!

Story Sticker Incorporation. Once you’ve decided on a Pub name, design a story sticker!

Happy Birthday! Every Year, remember to upgrade your Crest!

Sponsor the Arts. Have you had 3 big presentations you’ve invited people to? Design a story sticker symbolizing them!

Flyers + Images

Various other flyers and images from around the website, compiled for your benefit. Need a graphic or something else specific? Reach out to Guild Leadership!

Membership Forms

These forms are primarily for your availability. You don’t need to use them, only if you want.

From our experience, it’s best not to require people to fill out any of these unless a bridge needs crossed. It ruins the casualness of the Pondering Pub.

To be filled out by leadership to help keep track of general contact information of their Ponderers + what forms they’ve filled out.

To be filled out by leadership after 3rd meeting with guild leadership.

To be filled out by anyone wanting to submit something to the website.

To be filled out if there are any serious issues with a Pondering.