Fall 2019. 3 college students gathered to discuss what they were learning through a Christian lens. Dante’s Inferno ought to have elements of Christianity in its discussion, but the classroom was void of any aspect of Christ. This began the 1st Pondering Pub.

Since then, the Pondering developed, maintaining those elements of Christian community through participation of the arts. Life is meant to be done in communion with others, and the Pondering Pub provides a platform for things that ought to be enjoyed together, but are kept in isolation by our modern world.

Covid-19 accelerated the need for us to assist community formation and cultural creation. We were just a buncha college kids, meeting on Discord. More and more joined our Friday night discussions. When the lockdowns ended, we all decided this HAD to be done in person. Let’s discuss what we’re learning, what we’re coming across, what we’re tinkering with; and share this joy with other people. Thus, weekly in-person meetings began. Structure grew from there to help with consistency. Everyone who came, loved it. Visitors wanted to take it back to thier hometown friends. 

Unfortunately, when people tried to recreate what we had back home, they often failed. They didn’t have the history and unique combinations that first group did. So we decided to figure out what it was that made us successful. After 1 year of careful thought and prayer, the second location, The Stone and the Giant, began. A year of testing and tweaking, and we think we found the formula. 1 year later, and two more groups sprung up, The Oil Lamp and The Eagle’s Haven.

We are ready to help others like us get started. We’re nothing special. College buddies. High school kids. Moms and Dads with jobs. But we love Christ. The Church must meet outside of Sundays to discuss and participate in all other aspects of what it means to be human. The Pondering Pub provides the structure, blueprints, and resources to make it happen. We hope you will join us in transforming the world.