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In sales, scripts are generated by experienced veterans to help newcomers have an idea of what to say. All of these have been tried and tested to work. If it seems corny and cringy, don’t worry about it, they’ve been salesmen-approved.
That being said, they’re scripts, not Scripture. Adjust them how you’d like to fit your Pondering. Things in italics are meant to be changed.

Scheduling Ponderings in a Groupchat

The Stone and the Giant sends out about 5 reminder texts a month, since we meet the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. 1 at the beginning of the month announcing which days Ponderings will be, as well as any cancellations, adjustments, or big presentations. 1 at the beginning of weeks a Pondering will occur. 1 in the morning Ponderings occur.

Remember to encourage people as often as you can. Include any presentations you know of in approaching texts. Reminder texts are important, as people get busy and if YOU don’t make time, life will crowd out friends and community.

Beginning of the month, example of everything:

Hello Everyone! There will be a Pondering the XX and the XX. Reminder, John’s wedding is the YY, so we’re pushing the second Pondering forward a week. We have a treat that week as Rebecca will be our featured presenter! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Beginning of the month, everything smooth:

Hello Everyone! There will be a Pondering the XX and the XX. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Beginning of the Week reminder:

Hello everyone! There will be a Pondering this day at address at time. Remember to bring a presentation. See you all there!

Day of reminder:

Hello everyone! There will be a Pondering tonight. Doors open XX:XX, Pub starts YY:YY. I look forward to seeing everyone!



Featured Presenter

To ask someone to be featured presenter:
“Hi, X. Would you be willing to give a presentation about ABC sometime in month? Your inside expertise would be super interesting for our group, and I’d really appreciate it.”

1 week before, send a reminder text in the form of asking for info for a Facebook post:

“Hi, X. Looking forward to your presentation on day. For the Facebook announcement post, could you send me
– Title
– Thesis or tagline
– Picture of yourself.

Thank you sir/ma’am!

After they present, thank them for presenting, and ask to highlight them in an Instagram post:

“Hi, X. Thank you for presenting! It was absolutely amazing and everyone loved it.
Would you be willing to send me one quote from your presentation that summarizes the whole thing? I’d love to share it on Instagram.”



Inviting someone to a Pondering.

These are sample scripts to help get your invite started. Please customize it to the person.

Inviting someone to a Pondering with a Featured Presenter:

Hi, X! How’ve you been?
My friend, XX XXX, is giving a presentation on “Name of Presentation”. It’s about thesis or highlight. I think you’d really like it. Is this something you’d be interested in?
(You’re selling a future appointment. If they say yes, or express interest, hit them with details.)

Awesome! It’s date and time at location. No need to bring anything. There’ll be refreshments. Hope to see you there!
(If there are mutual friends, mention them. If there is a factor you know is important to them, like end time, mention that.)

Inviting someone to a Pondering with no special events: (From more formal to less formal)

Hi, X. How’ve you been? I’m part of the Pondering Pub, a non-profit dedicated to cultural creation and community formation. We’re growing steadily, and our group loves to meet to discuss higher things. I think this is something you would really like. I’d love to be there to show you around. Would you be willing to come to one just to see what it’s like?

Hi, X! Heard you might be interested in attending the Pondering Pub. We talk about cultural works, discuss intellectual topics, and just have a good time. I would love to be there and personally introduce you to everyone in the group. Come to one and just see what you think. Sound fair enough?

Hi, X. Do you want to come to the Pondering Pub with me? It’s a lot of fun.





“Rebuttals” is a sales term for the response given when someone throws up an objection. An objection most often is given when someone wants to do what you’re asking, but there’s an obstacle on their end preventing them. These “rebuttals” help you remove those obstacles so they can freely attend the Pondering.

Remember to use real examples whenever you can. Testimonies are appreciated.

If someone gives you with a rebuttal that’s not on this list, let your Guild President know, so they can add it. And remember, these are rebuttals, not guarantors.

I don’t really know anyone there.
“No worries. I’ll be there with you the whole time. Everyone is super welcoming. But if you get too socially overwhelmed, just step out and eat some snacks.”

I don’t have the time, I’m too busy.
“That’s ok. A lot of people are only able to attend once every month or two. Let’s make some time for you to come to just one, and then you can decide if it’s worth budgeting for in the future.”

“Of course. I reached out because I love the community/cultural aspect of the Pondering. It’s super important in today’s world to maintain close communities that care about each other and produce Christian content. I’d love for you to make time and contribute to that.”

I’m not a Christian.
“That’s fine. We have lots of non-Christians who come for the social and intellectual aspects.”

I want to make sure this is Christian.
“Of course! It’s written into the rules that all Pubs have to be led by Christian leadership. We take that aspect quite seriously. We also say a prayer at the beginning of every Pondering.”

I don’t know if I really want to present.
“That’s fine. A lot of people aren’t comfortable for presenting. They come to comment and reflect on the discussions. You have really insightful comments. I’d love for you to share.”

Are you guys a real thing?
“Of course! We have 4 Ponderings in multiple states, and over 50 people who support our movement. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes.”

Is there an actual cultural aspect?
Of course! If you go on our website, you can see tons of things Ponderers created. Additionally, each Pub has their own presentations they keep for themselves. There is a lot of good work that is created here.

What’s the Pondering like? Give me details.
We’ll gather together at someone’s home, and people bring snacks, drink they’d like, and a presentation if they’re ready. We’ll open in prayer. Then, we’ll have a discussion of the week. Then, members will present art pieces they want to group discuss. It could be a Spotify song, a poem they like, or an excerpt from a book they want to group reflect

Sounds good. I’m busy that day. 
“Awesome! I’ll let you know when the next one is.”

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