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This interactive map shows the locations of active Pondering Pubs across the U.S.

Pondering Pub Representatives

The Stone and the Giant – Houston, PA

The Stone and the Giant is the perfectly gathering place for people in their mid 20s to late 30s. They meet weekly on Friday at 6:30 p.m., and presentations end around 9 p.m. It’s a laid back setting for those with young families, those spring-boarding their careers, or still figuring life out. Come and share your latest thoughts on the universe, a blog post you stumbled across, or a YouTube video you want everyone to see.

Pub Representative: Daniel Booth
(717) 494 – 6500

The Oil Lamp – Junction City, KS

The Oil Lamp meets every two weeks on Friday evenings in Junction City, Kansas to share presentations, pieces of art, and deep and silly ideas alike. Occasionally, the pub meets outside for backyard campfire discussions. After talking, fun games are always on the menu.

Pub Representative: Holly Boice
(717) 892 – 2722

The Thundering Seeds– Upper St. Clair, PA

The Thundering Seeds are here for the young, passionate, and spirited. Focused on those still in high school and all the way to their senior year in college, the club gathers Friday at 6:30 filled to the brim with activities. The evening is kicked off with some cool and collaborative presentations, followed by deep discussions over a can of bubbles, and finished off with the thrill of games inside and out. Don’t worry, there are plenty of home baked goods to go around.

Pub Representative: John Paul Rainone
(412) 616-5650

The Dumb Ox – Carmichaels, PA

The Dumb Ox in Carmichaels is a place where people can get together and share their thoughts in a warm, comfortable environment of spiritual friendship. They meet weekly on Friday at 8 p.m. As the Original Pub, it has seen it’s fair share of changes and adaptations over the years, but a few things are always consistent: there’s always a drink ready for your hand and a couch ready for you to sit. At the Dumb Ox, Christ is King and all are welcome.

Pub Representative: Vince Byrne
(814) 408 – 5904

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