Featured Pub:
The Dumb Ox
Tucked away in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, the Dumb Ox has existed since the birth of the Pondering. Fellowship, presentations, and intellectual discussion flourish in the traditions of this Pub.
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Featured Art: In Plain Sight
Photograph and reflection by Vincent Byrne. "Why, in the modern age, is it so hard to find God? A lack of Beauty..."
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Featured Presentation: Memory Eternal
Anthony Corkos presents on "The Hype of Hagiography." He uses manga as an analogy to the lives of Saints, and how both depict a reality deeper than themselves.

What is The Pondering Pub?

The Pondering Pub is an ever-growing collaboration of Christian artists, writers, photographers, videographers, and musicians who seek to restore strong Christian communities through truth, goodness, and beauty. Individual Pondering Pubs across the U.S. meet regularly to share and discuss various works of art and academics.

The Pondering Pub exists to provide an authentic experience of Christian community through the cultivation of art and academics.


Published Content

Published content on our website includes literature, visual and audio works by Christian artists, writers, photographers, musicians and more, who wish to communicate truth, goodness, and beauty through their works. Click on the icons to see content within each category.

Pub Gatherings

Pondering Pubs are individual locations where members and visitors gather to discuss works of art, music, literature, and ideas in a community setting. How often each pub meets and on what day of the week varies between pubs, typically based on the schedules of those who attend. Some pubs meet weekly, others biweekly, and others less frequently. Each pub’s leadership consists of the Host, MC, and Pub Representative. The host provides their building as a meeting location, the MC leads the gathering, and the Pub Representative serves as the contact between visitors, the individual pub, and the organization.