When everyone at your Pub first becomes a member, they earn your Pubs most recent crest and a membership card. But what happens next? Some people don’t know all the Pondering has to offer, or even if they should “do something” besides show up every week. Merits help guide a Pub towards what they “should be doing.” They are specialized awards given to members helping the mission of your Pondering.


Members earn merits on an individual level. Pubs earn Pub-wide merits collectively. To the right are 2 posters to help explain merits and what’s required to earn them.


Don’t be heavy handed with Merits. Design your first story sticker and
crest edition with just your Pub’s leadership. From there, distribute as
earned. If there’s positive reception, continue. If some people would
like to help design, include them.

Here is a flowchart to explain step-by-step how the merits system works.


Below you’ll find the downloadable sheets your Pub Rep will turn into Guild Leadership. They also explain the design process quite succinctly. Team up with your leadership to design the first two. The rest can be found under additional documents.