Art Submission

So you want to submit content to The Pondering Pub? Excellent! Here is a guide on what kind of content we are looking for and how to submit your content for review.

What kind of content we are looking for:

First and foremost, the Pondering Pub is dedicated to truth, goodness, and beauty. We are a Christian organization, so we are typically looking for content that will reflect that. However, that does not mean you or your content needs to be Christian. For example, you could submit a beautiful photo that you captured: Or a piece of science fiction.

Since we are dedicated to truth, beauty, and goodness, we find Christ in anything that is true, beautiful, or good. So in a way, we may see your content as “Christian” even if you don’t!

If you look at the published works on our website,, you’ll notice that content is split up into three major categories:

  • Audio Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Literature

If you are not sure which category your content falls into, here are some examples:

Audio Arts:
Typically songs, stories, and poems that have been recorded in an audio format. Text can accompany an audio post, and it will typically be written below the audio itself.

Visual Arts:
Typically photographs, videos, or pieces of artwork. Anything captured in a primarily visual format. Like the audio arts, text can be posted with the images.

Anything solely in the written format is considered literature. Literature posts are often in the form of short stories, articles, and essays. Multi-part series are eligible for submission.

If your submission contains writing and audio, it is considered an audio post. If your submission contains writing, audio, and video, it is considered a visual post.

How to submit your content:

You must include:

  • The Submission’s Title 
  • The Submission
  • Contact Info, such as email or phone number.

You are highly encouraged to include: (If any of these are left blank, our editors will choose for you.)

  • A description of your content. This will be the text that appears in the banner. 1 sentence.
  • A preview picture.  
  • Any context to your piece. This can include your reflections to this piece, questions for viewers, or background info to help readers enjoy your work more. This can range from a single sentence to a couple of paragraphs.
And please include a bio of yourself!
You may publish anonymously. If you choose to do so, we will publish through “The Pondering Pub.” However, we would love to include your name and a photo of yourself.

Use the form below to submit your art. Thank you for submitting!