Who Makes a Man

Can we sincerely tell ourselves?
“I am man”. “I am a man!”

If not, asking we must do, for in seeking we shall find,
And so we question,
“What makes a man?”

Is it the clothes we bear, shoes, or cross?
Is it looks, style?
Could it be charm, personality, or perhaps care?
Does intellect qualify?
Does knowledge demonstrate manhood?
What about emotional control?
Must I not snivel, hate, nor cry?
Should I read, pray, and profess?
Is defending God the real test?

Do we ask ourselves these questions
and dive in them completely,
or do we follow a different trend.
The cycle of an undefined path….. yet again

And so we go,
Two steps forward, three steps back
Rise up and plunge deep
In obsession and vanity we are engrained,
In the coast of gluttony and steroids we reside,
With crashing waves of lust
soaking our shores.
Tempted we are,
so discouraged we are
that worldly desires have become our refuge,
our only haven

Whether to prove your manhood to a false society, or to satisfy physical desire, or to escape trials and tribulations.
This instant lie, this instant gratification, this instant distraction will only add to our despair, will only add to our despair!
But still we do it….

I ask, “Are you content? Are you satisfied with your world?

Does no remorse come to your heart when yet again you have failed your soul?

From man of innocence you depart and to pits of darkness you fall,
From purity you die, and lifeless you live.

So blind have we become! So numb to what reality really is

I challenge you not to be good man, but rather to be real!
To whistle when you work, and to hum when you toil!
To admit your past, let it go, forgive it so, and reap Wisdom’s words.

To strive in your present, act in it so, persevere in patience and persistence and come to serve the Lord.
Brothers I challenge you to embrace your future, to embrace your calling, to embrace God’s Divine plan, to dream it, envision it, love it, and say to one another,
“To salvation we’ll go!”

The question is not, “What makes a man?”

Rather, “Who makes a man?”…
“Who can make me a man?”

No one else, but Christ our Lord…


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