A Life of Listening

This was a poem I made in high school. The back story of this is that growing up I was always the “therapist friend” who everyone told all their worries and pains to. I never minded because I always loved to listen and help. I’ve also always been passionate about mental health and helping others and my goal is to one day have that be my career or at least part of it. That being said, my sister has always struggled with her mental health and so have I. She as well as many of my friends is what inspired me originally to write this and as time goes on each word I wrote in this poem only holds truer in my heart. I also used this poem to sorta vent because it was quite taxing on my mental health to always be the ear that listens to everyone else’s struggles, but myself having no one to talk to at the time. Thankfully things are getting better and I’m happy to share this poem with whoever needs it.
Please enjoy the poem.

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