At the End

We’ve all heard the saying “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” but how many of us actually believe it? All too often, we see our suffering, our human condition as a continuous struggle with no conceivable end in sight. We get so caught up in the darkness that 1) we don’t even realize there is actually an end to the tunnel, light or not, and 2) we don’t stop to recognize that there can be beauty in the suffering. In the midst of COVID quarantine, I took this photo with a 12 year old camera while I still barely knew anything about photography. It is significant to me for two reasons. First, it is the first picture I took that I was actually proud to call mine, and second, it really is quite a story-telling image. If you look closely, maybe you can see the beauty in the darkness of this image. If you look even closer, maybe you will come to find there is beauty in your suffering.

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