Winter Nights

I have always said that you can tell the state of my soul when I sit down at a piano. This rings true in this piece: “Winter Nights.” “Winter Nights” is a piano improv piece that I performed and recorded just over 2 weeks ago. My goal in life is to create music and to create it well. Sometimes as creatives we fall into the “it’s not good enough yet” mindset. I’ve been there, so to break that, I write completely improvised piano pieces and record them as I write them. This is one of those. I feel that it really tells a story. That story is up to you, the listener. The scenes that go through my head as I listen to it involve a lonely old man sitting at a window staring out into the cold dead darkness of the night as snow hits the window pane and turn to water droplets. As he’s doing this, all kind of past memories, both good and bad, spring up in his mind. I don’t want to spoil the whole story for you so use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

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