When Time Stopped

“Where were you when time stopped?”

I vaguely remember that quote from a movie that I saw years ago. That question was being asked by a man who’s father had had a heart attack years before. That moment when his father almost died was the moment that time “stopped” for him and ceased being important. Time ceased to matter because he felt as though his life was no longer his, as though he had to spend all of his time living for his father, caring for him, taking over the family business, etc. Long story short, he meets this girl (I have a lot of sisters so I am akin to chick flicks – if you aren’t, brace yourself, it’s about to get sappy.), they fall in love, she buys him a wristwatch and time “starts” again for him.

I took this photo recently and it got me thinking about the reality of time. The building in this photo was built in 1902. Sometime in November of 1947, at 11:42, this building became frozen in time for the remainder of its standing when the bank that it housed closed permanently. We know neither where we will be nor what our lives will be like when our time ends.

The question is: Are you ready?

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