The Eagle's Haven Success Story

This was the first of the Pondering Clubs, a version of the Pondering Pub for those under 21. It was organized by two highschoolers, Gianna and John Paul, who were inspired by their older sisters’ involvement with The Pondering Pub. They had attended a few Ponderings, and wanted to bring it to their high school friends. It filled the need to talk about cultural issues high schoolers are inheriting, that often don’t get talked about in youth group.

There was trepidation at first. Starting something is never easy. They met with their parents, who were familiar with the Pondering and spoke with Guild leadership. They met and texted consistently with Guild Leadership for about a month, and finally decided to pull the trigger and start. In their first meeting, they took a page out of The Oil Lamp’s book and led interested members through the website and story of the Pondering, making sure everyone knew that they were part of it.

Whenever there was a problem, guild leadership directed them to the solution. The Pondering had developed a repertoire of resources by this point, and they were able to provide solutions for whatever problem cropped up. However, the most important asset The Eagle’s Haven had is the leadership of Gianna and John Paul, who provided consistency, direction, and passion for their Ponderers.