The Stone and the Giant Testimony

Greetings to all the aspiring Pub Founders! As the President of The Pondering Pub, it brings me immense joy to share with you the inspiring tale of The Stone and the Giant, the second branch of our ever-growing community, and my home Pub.

From the Pondering’s beginning, many attempts were made at founding new Pubs; but fizzled out when met with challenges. The structure we had was too organic, and did not include resources nor blueprints for how to start a new Pub. After months of planning and preparation, we developed the resources needed to begin The Stone and the Giant, which brought structure, direction, and success to The Pondering Pub. This marked a turning point in our mission to restore strong Christian communities, as now we could do it successfully.

Our 2nd location began with 3 members from the original Dumb Ox, Dan, Clare, and Anthony. There were interested individuals who were traveling long distances to attend The Dumb Ox gatherings. A 2nd, more Northern, location shortened their drive from a hour and a half to just 30 minutes.

The Stone and the Giant’s inception was not without hurdles, but through dedication and perseverance, they overcame the challenges that came their way. Founding members had to relocate due to job commitments, but new individuals joined, keeping the spirit of the Pub alive and vibrant. The community grew through connections from Church, game nights, and word of mouth.

One major obstacle arose when the original hosts, Dan and Mel, joyfully welcomed a new member into their family in February 2023. In the months leading up to and following this momentous occasion, the Pub temporarily moved its location to accommodate the changes. The spirit of The Pondering Pub, however, remained unshaken, as members demonstrated adaptability and support for the growing family. Once settled, months later, Dan and Mel missed hosting. Driven by their love for the community they helped establish, the group made the decision to return to the familiar setting, bringing back the warmth and familiarity that had defined The Stone and the Giant from the beginning.

To maintain a strong sense of continuity with the original Pondering structure, The Stone and the Giant adhered to regular meeting times, ensuring consistency and fostering a sense of commitment among its members. This dedication to regular gatherings and open communication has been the backbone of their continued success.

Today, The Stone and the Giant stands tall as a testament to the resilience of The Pondering Pub’s vision.

As you consider founding your own Pub, let The Stone and the Giant inspire you. Cherish the moments of laughter, forge lasting connections, and embrace the challenges that come your way, for they are opportunities for growth and transformation. The journey may not always be smooth, but with a heart for community, unwavering determination, and the guidance of The Pondering Pub, you too can pave the way for a transformative experience.

In fellowship and shared purpose,

Daniel Booth; President of The Pondering Pub