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The Oil Lamp Success Story

Greetings to all fellow truth-seekers! As the President of The Pondering Pub, I am excited to share the inspiring journey of The Oil Lamp, a branch that embodies resilience and the power of intellectual discussions.

The Oil Lamp emerged in Junction City Kansas, when two founding members relocated due to job opportunities. They encountered difficulties, as timing meetups kept falling through. Eventually though, a date landed. People came over, and Holly taught everyone the history and direction of the Pondering by leading them through the website. The attendees loved it, and wanted to keep coming back. 

However, 1 family had a medical emergency, and another had a kid. The attendees thinned, but with the prospect of re-emergence. One attendee, Jeremy, loved the Pondering. Not a Christian, he still loved the intellectual discussion. He kept attending because of the discussions. Holly and Eddy saw that it was enriching his soul, and it was worth continuing to meet if for no other reason than it was bringing Jeremy to the fullness of life.

To all aspiring Pub Founders, The Oil Lamp’s story reminds us that The Pondering acts as a bridge to reach those whose lives have slipped through the cracks, those who have been forgotten or burnt by the Church. Continuing meeting, even if for the benefit of just one person, is precious in the eyes of God.

In the spirit of The Pondering Pub, let us continue illuminating minds and enriching lives.

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